Project:Nordea Music Festivals 2015-2016

During the past two years, Perfect Noise has conceptualized and produced Nordea’s sponsorship for Summerburst in four cities in Sweden, Finland and Norway. The mission was to attract a newly identified target audience, meet them in their environment and speak their language, not what they expected from a bank. We wanted Nordea to be top of mind, so we created a photo activation that integrates with Instagram. We also handed out photos, tattoos and sunglasses that after two years now are seen as collectibles.

Nordea’s presence in Summerburst was also built up by a digital campaign on Facebook called ‘Bankometern’. The aim was to build relations, create contacts and anticipate the future needs of the target group through a quiz. To be relevant and motivate participation, the prize was VIP-tickets to the festivals.

The overall activities we did with Nordea had such a strong impact, that among the six main partners, the guests assumed Nordea has been the title sponsor of the festivals.